Potty Training Tips and Suggestions

Training your pets to pee or poop is one of the essential things a pet owner should consider. It becomes very hectic to clean multiple times a day, and the smell is sometimes impossible to get rid of.


Pets big and small can be trained to ‘go’ where you want them to. Cats and rabbits can quickly learn to pee in litter trays, while puppies need more patience for potty training.


Tips to Potty Train Your Pet

Start Young

It is easier to potty train puppies than dogs. Adult dogs can develop lousy potty habits that are not easy for pet owners to eliminate. It makes a world of difference if potty training starts from the puppy life stage because they adhere to this training when they are adults.

Make a Feeding Schedule

Feeding your pet randomly can become the biggest hindrance to potty training. You can better know when your dog needs to pee when you know the feeding schedule.


Experts at the AKC(American Kennel Club) recommend that new dog owners take their puppies or dogs out to defecate after every meal, first in the morning and before sleep.


Use Dog Crates

If you don’t want your favorite rug to get ruined, dog crates can become your most effective tool for potty training. You need to restrict your puppy or dog to a small space, and dog crates are the safest way to do it.


Dogs are more likely to soil inside the house if they are let free in large rooms. Puppy pads are a great way to prevent dog pee from ruining your furniture, but there is a downside. They are not a good idea if you are looking to train your dog to pee outside. 

Know the Breed before Potty Training Your Pet

Small dog breeds have high energy and smaller bladders. Therefore, they need to go more frequently than large dog breeds. If you can’t keep with your dog’s peeing schedule due to work or business, hire a dog walker so that the potty training does not get affected.

Bonus Tips

  • Take your puppy to the same spot so it gets familiar with the scent
  • You can use synthetic grass for indoor potty training
  • Give your puppy a treat every time it poops the desired spot
  • Positive encouragement is the way to go


Potty training is an excellent way to bond and understand your pet. Once a puppy is potty trained, it becomes easier for the dog owners to focus on bonding and fun. 

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  • I have trained my puppy to use puppy pads. I am now having a hard time transitioning him to go outside to pee and poop. He is outside for a few hours but then when he comes in, he immediately goes to his puppy pad to do his business. Help!

    Sharon Troy

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