Love and Responsibility are Big Parts of Bringing Home a Puppy

What to expect when bringing home a new puppy

There are lots of things to consider when bringing home a new puppy, it can feel like the world is closing in and everywhere you look there is something you forgot or something else to do. In this article we will discuss a quick checklist of things to except and things to look out for when bringing your furry four legged friend home for the first time!

When bringing a puppy home, there are things to keep in mind and put into practice. While a puppy is cute, full of love, and a great companion, it is a long-term responsibility. They need love and proper care and training. You can’t expect a puppy to behave and be potty trained. An important step to caring for a puppy is patience; your puppy will have bathroom accidents, and items may get chewed up. It will take your puppy time to adjust to its new environment and remember the rules.


It takes at least three days for your puppy to relax, three weeks to get comfortable in its new home, and three months to get used to the routine you create.


At first, your puppy might be nervous and scared. Use a soothing voice, and don’t crowd it. The puppy doesn’t know what is going on, why it has a new owner, nor that your home is its new home.


After giving the puppy some space, start training. Have treats for an award when your puppy does something right. Positive reinforcement goes a long way. Train your puppy to go to the door when they have to go out. Try to get them to bark when they have to go as another way to let you know they need to go outside. After they go to the bathroom outside, tell them good job and give them a treat. One of the best ways to successfully potty train them is to take them out at the same time every day.


Also, treats are a good way to train them to follow other commands, such as “Stay,” “Sit,” and “Lay Down.” Have patience; it will take time for your puppy to learn them, to understand what you want them to do. Demonstrate the commands for them when possible. For the command of stay, train them but hold your hand out, palm towards them, when you tell them to stay. You will have to repeat the command several times.

When you get a puppy, remove safety hazards and any item they can chew on from their reach. Whether those items be cords, toys, tissue, paper, shoes, or clothing. Get them their own toys to help teach them what they can and can’t chew on.


Not all dogs like to get baths, but they need them. Try giving them a bath within the first day of having them. The sooner your puppy gets used to getting bathed and brushed, the easier those tasks will be when they are older; it will make those times less stressful for you and your dog.


When it comes to other animals in the home, your puppy and other pets will need time to adjust to each other. Be firm with them if they growl or hiss at one another. You might have to put the one lashing out in a crate or other area in the house.




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