5 Best Dog Breeds For Family's With Kids

5 Best Dog Breeds For Family's With Kids

Choosing the right dog breed is essential before bringing a new furry family member into your home. When picking a canine companion for you and your kids, consider things like size, behavior with kids, and trainability. 

Best of all?

One of the most popular breeds with families is dogs that are considered "hypoallergenic" because they don't shed much hair, making them ideal for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

 Everyone knows of a family with kids and a dog, but not everyone knows the best breeds of dogs for families. If you have been looking into getting a new dog addition to your family or know someone who is, then please read on! The following list includes the top five best dog breeds for families with kids. 

1. Poodle 

 The first dog breed on this list is the Poodle. Poodles are considered to be some of the best small dog breeds for families with children. Hence their high ranking as one of the most popular dog breeds in America (and worldwide).

 A poodle’s fur is excellent at trapping dirt and dust, which lessens allergic reactions that kids may have towards them (which may not be the case if you were to get another type of dog). 

Also, they don’t shed much either, so there isn’t too much extra cleaning to do around the house or off of clothes.

2. Chihuahua 

The second dog breed on this list is the Chihuahua. If you know anything about this particular breed, they are  known to be one of the most loyal breeds (which also means they will protect your children if need be). 

They are also great even for small living spaces like apartments because they do not require much space. But they don’t need too much physical activity either, unless, of course, you want to take them out for a walk or playtime!

3. Pug 

Another excellent family dog is a Pug which you may have heard of before since it has made many appearances in film and television over the years.

 The first thing people notice about Pugs other than their flat faces is how friendly they are with children. 

They are also playful and loyal, so excellent they do well living with kids who may not provide as much care for their pet (like, say, older children) since Pugs need attention.

4. English Bulldog

For people looking to find the best breed of dog for families, there is another dog you should consider, too, the English Bulldog. 

Like Pugs, Bulldogs are great with children because they are very mellow and patient (which is why they can be found in doctor’s offices or hospitals as therapy dogs). 

They don’t need much exercise either, making them great for living in condos or apartments where space is limited.

5. Beagle  

The following dog on this list is the Beagle, who is best for families due to its friendly nature, playful attitude, and affection towards kids. 

They do well in homes with other pets since they get along with other animals quickly, but what’s great about them is that they are relatively easy to train (which means less work for you).

Final words

Anyone with kids knows that dogs can be great friends, particularly when you need a cuddle buddy. They also know how rewarding watching their children enjoy playing with their new four-legged friend can be.

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